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Design Philosophy

I believe golf is blend of art and science. My flagship M375 Stealth putter pairs proven design fundamentals such as: proper swing weighting, high MOI, low torque shafts, and face-balanced toe hang - with inspiration from stealth aircraft to create a one-of-a-kind flat stick.


I was recently gifted a (putter) fitting for my birthday, and something I wanted to focus on was making sure the putter was right for me. I walked away with the data I was looking for but did not purchase a putter at that time.

I was looking for something that first fit my eye - I needed something to look at and think "I can make anything". I came across McMurray Golf on Instagram and was immediately wowwed by his work. I could not find a putter that I personally wanted to hit on looks alone more than his.

Scott put the grip I asked on for me, worked with me on shaft choices and made sure it was built to spec with toe hang data I took from my fitting. He was communicative and easy to work with the entire process. Once I finally got my hands on it, I really can't say enough good things about (it)...

Looks wise, it remained a hit in person. Feel wise, it hit every note for me. Output wise, the first time I hit the putter on a true green, it just flat out worked. Everything I was hoping to get out of a putter this early in its use has happened and I cant wait to turn it loose on the course!

Matt P.

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